Restorations in the cave “Heimkehle” in Uftrungen (Germany)

Restorations in the cave “Heimkehle” in Uftrungen (Germany)

Since 6th August the Cave Lighting™ team has been replacing the lighting in Germany’s largest gypsum karst cave “Heimkehle” with a new, innovative, more sustainable LED-System.

The two people working there right now are Oliver Heil and Christian Nitulescu. They are installing cold luminaries which do not support flora growth. They not only protect the cave environment, but also the fauna inside it. This makes the LED lights special because they as well as the quiet control cabinets do not disturb the numerous bats hibernating inside the cave as much as the previous equipment.

Furthermore, the innovative light design achieves to represent the objects without over illuminating them. An intelligent control system allows to regulate the lighting in different areas as required. As a result, at least 90% of energy in the “Heimkehle” can be saved.

The entire equipment including lamps, cables and control cabinets is being produced and delivered by Cave Lighting™.
Cave Lighting ‘s™ control cabinets have enough battery power to function for two hours. So, if the power unexpectedly goes out, then there will be enough time to guide the visitors safely out of the cave. Safety is very important which is why the paths and also low ceilings are separately illuminated.

The partial installation of the new system should be completed by the end of September. The rest of the installation will be resumed in 2019 and should be finished by 2020.

The new system will make the show cave more attractive for visitors, provide them with something new and hopefully animate them to visit the cave again.

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