Light and music shows

Is lighting the same for everyone?
Here is the scenario we want you to imagine: You go into your kitchen to make yourself a midnight snack. You turn on the light, stand at the countertop, reach for the bread, take out a bread knife and start cutting yourself a slice - wait! Take a good look around your kitchen, do you see a shadow in front of you? Do you have to stand differently to get a good view of the bread? Is the room way too brightly lit? These are all serious aspects that we don't really think about. Let's take your office, for example, and ask the same questions. Surely your office is illuminated by 600x600mm LED tiles or luorescent tubes. This makes the room seem optimally lit, doesn't it? Well, maybe it isn't, after all, for example, a 50-year-old needs almost twice as much lighting as a 30-year-old to perform the same task. So how can you find optimal ceiling lighting when we are all different?

Here you can see a hidden passage with stunning light sources. This section was provided by ourselves with LED and music sources. Be enchanted by the unique work of art and dive into a new world.


What do I want to bring into focus with the lighting?
When we light a cave, we ask ourselves two questions: what are we lighting and how will the audience see it. These are the same questions that arise when designing theater shows, homes, office spaces and even the bedroom. We often catch ourselves lighting a space without thinking increasingly from the user's point of view, when we should be designing optimally for the user without thinking much about the space. Yesterday, a colleague asked us to look at a concept for a cave light show, the question to ask was, "Do we use a light show to show the cave or do we use the cave to show a light show?" - a question that is not so easy to answer. When you show a light show inside a cave, you don't distract from the cave, it becomes the medium for the light show, it comes into focus. However, using a light show to show the cave requires less reliance on what the music and lights are doing and more on how the two aspects show the rock and its textures.

This is a lighting in the Giant Ice cave, which enchants the world with unique and breathtaking light and music sources, to a perfect, perfectly staged ice block.

How does that translate to everyday life?
So the approaches to the interpretation of the focus are very different and it always depends on the viewer. Again, the same questions can be asked when designing your home. What exactly do you want to put in focus? The entire kitchen or the countertop with the bread? Installing lights in the center of your kitchen is best for illuminating the space and providing an even balance of light, but it doesn't always give you the best lighting for the task at hand. Nowadays there are waterproof LED tape and down lights the size of a penny coin, so why still apply the same principles of lighting the room as when we can choose more efficient and task lighting?

The Aggartal cave promises unique and completely new elements, which you have not seen before. Let yourself be enchanted by this video and see for yourself how a cave can be staged.

The key is to build synergies.
When we design a light show, it is important to combine all the available elements, whether music, lighting, existing formations, etc. so that there is a harmonious synergy. Also, when lighting your home, it is important to identify what the lighting needs; task lighting, general lighting, night friendly lighting, etc. It's easy to tack on a few lights and just move on - you'd probably find it sufficient. But that doesn't mean it's the optimal or healthiest solution. If we take time to think about these issues, we can ensure that any artificial lighting harmonizes the user's interaction. The next time you're making a secret midnight sandwich, just think about how much better it would be if the light was simply an aid and not a stress to the eyes.

In this video you can see the Kluterhoehle, which has complex and very hidden levels, but we did not let that stop us and have also here a unique show, provided with light and music sources. But see for yourself and get an idea of our work in various caves around the world.