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LED lighting can be installed individually at any conceivable location, even underwater lighting is possible. Our products are specifically designed for challenging environmental conditions and have been in use for decades. The team of Cave Lighting considers each object individually, advises you on the development of a new lighting system and addresses the specifics of the object.

Sustainability And Environment

As long as there are show caves with artificial lighting, there is also the so-called lamp flora. Unwanted green growth by algae, mosses and ferns on illuminated surfaces can be reduced nowadays with modern LED technology, targeted alignment of the luminaires, switching options, regulation of the lighting duration, etc.

Everything from one source

Each projects starts with an individual approach. By working with the best project management systems, we deliver only the highest quality. Thorough planning of individual projects and detailed consultation with our customers are for us the basic prerequisites for successful projects. On site we determine the initial situation and set the overall project goal. In doing so, we address the details of the project such as infrastructure, power supply, natural conditions and much more.

We carry out the complete project or take over advisory activities taking into account individual wishes of our customers and provide professional assistance.

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Who we are?

The company Cave Lighting CL, located in Herborn (Hesse), was created from the project “Cave Lighting™” of the company GermTec GmbH & Co.KG. Both GermTec and the project Cave Lighting™ was founded by the two managing directors Siarhei Krasko and Alexander Chrapko in 2006. As an independent company Cave Lighting CL GmbH & Co.KG exists since the beginning of 2016.
The primary goal of the project was and remains the improvement of underground objects through the use of modern techniques and technologies. With SMART LED installations, we not only fight the lamp flora, but also essentially improve the aesthetic impression for visitors. At present, our main activity is complex lighting system for underground: show caves, show mines, among others we also deal with the illumination of historical casemates, castles, palaces and park complexes. We are a medium-sized company operating in the field of LED lighting technology. In cooperation with its numerous partners and organizations, Cave Lighting has been gathering experience worldwide for more than 10 years now and is constantly developing further. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by the high quality of our products, exceptional customer focus and flexible orientation.

News from the Cave Lighting world

Relighting of the Hermann’s cave in Ruebeland (Harz)

Relighting of the Hermann’s cave in Ruebeland (Harz)

15 years from the beginning until the end of the project. The cave was formed in the Devonian limestone of the Elbingerode complex in connection with the formation of the Bodetal valley.


Self-Guided Show Caves, Erdmann Cave with a new non-guide concept

Self-Guided Show Caves, Erdmann Cave with a new non-guide concept

In recent years, the landscape of show cave tours has undergone significant changes. Many caves now offer self-guided tours, a trend driven by several factors.


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The light throughout the tunnel: A worldwide uniqueness!

Illumination of a medieval tunnel connecting lakes in Ulmener Maar, Ulmen, Germany.



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