Cave Lighting – Know-How & Insights

Today we want to give you an insight into the central control mechanism of the lighting.

Know-how & Insights

Central control of lighting

Today we want to give you an insight into the central control mechanism of the lighting. The various technical systems used in show caves are usually of varying complexity and range from simple analog systems to complicated PLC-controlled systems.

The centralized digital control of lighting and electrical systems actually belongs to the HiEnd solutions, which are increasingly used in underground facilities.

What do you need for such a solution? There are 5 factors!

1. A network:

Since a copper network is not the optimal solution for underground applications, fiber optic networks are predominantly used.

2. PLC control:

The sub-distributors should be installed with the appropriate PLC mimics. Phoenix Contact or Wago are the most common suppliers for these.

3. TAB:

However, to be able to control the whole thing, you need a brain, i.e. a main controller and a central controller, which we call the TAB. The main controller is installed in this TAB and manages all processes within the plant.

All good things come in threes, so we have all the components for the system to run, right? Not quite yet, because you still need two more aspects!

4. Logical structure:

The logical structure of the system control: A concept is always important, therefore you should consider how the lighting is to be switched and plan the whole thing once through and develop a concept.

5. The most important comes at the end

The most important thing comes at the end – the programming: For a smooth process, the appropriate software for the installed hardware must be used and programmed object-specific – we mainly use MODBUS for this. The programming of an average plant can take up to 4 weeks, but the results are more than impressive!

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