Caves around the World – Work in Progress – Slate Mine, Luxembourg

Caves around the World – Work in Progress – Slate Mine, Luxembourg

Dear Managers and Owners of Show Caves! Dear Colleagues, Friends and Cavers!

At the moment we are in beautiful Luxembourg working in a visitor mine for another unforgettable light production. The site covers an eight-hectare open-air area. In addition to the museum with its slate quarry and slate mine, there are 26 renovated craft workshops, including a sawmill, workshops with a forge, smelter, carpenter’s workshop and stone-splitting workshop.

The mine extends over several floors and is over 1000 meters long and 150 meters deep. Large parts of the mine are under water, in the lower levels up to 100 meters deep.In 2018, the idea arose to expand the museum with a visit to the slate mine. Luxembourg lighting designer and architect Maria Luisa Guerrieri Gonzaga was commissioned to develop this idea.

As a subcontractor of the company FD Electrics S.A., our Cave Lighting specialists started the installation of the lighting on March 8, 2021. Already two zones of the slate mine are finished and the work continues. The object is scheduled to be put into operation in July 2021.

We are very happy to be part of this project and are excited to see how the lighting will fascinate the visitors.

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