LED light for show caves - innovative lighting system for your cave

Watch here our short video about light systems in your cave. With innovative LED light and fauna protection.

Energy efficiency
LED technology not only creates a special atmosphere, but also consumes less electricity than conventional light sources. LED lamps consume only around 20 percent of the energy previously needed. In the Dechenhöhle in Iserlohn, for example, this has saved around 26,000 kilowatt hours per year.

Nature Protection
It is advisable to use LED lights in show caves due to the very low UV and IR radiation. The lamp flora, which is harmful for dripstones, is thus avoided.

Heat dissipation
Unlike conventional light sources such as incandescent bulbs, modern LED lighting emits hardly any heat. This factor is also very important for nature conservation and the prevention of lamp flora in show caves. The selected light spectrum keeps dripstones permanently free of growth.

Water stability
Show caves usually have very high humidity. Operators also want to be able to illuminate streams or lakes. Due to the protective coating, there is no corrosion on the lights and there are also installations under.

The LED lights are small in size but high in light output, which means they can show off the intricacies of various stalactites with precision. In show caves, the lighting provides orientation and safety. They are therefore also used here as warning or information lights, especially in narrow places on the visitor path.

LED control technology (as well as lighting design and the use of acoustic means) creates a special atmosphere and thus increases the attractiveness of show caves.