Project Baumanns Cave

Project Baumanns Cave

According to a fictitious legend, the cave was discovered around 1536 by the miner Friedrich Baumann, to which the name of the cave is said to lead back. You can visit the Baumanns cave since the 16th century, one of the most famous visitors is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In 1688, the Brunswick Duke Rudolf August issued an ordinance to protect the Baumanns cave due to the destruction of stalactites and thus the cave became the first legally protected natural monument in Germany. The cave consists of several interconnected cavities, a special feature is the one-meter high luminous canyon formed by stalagmites. The largest room is the Goethe hall with around 2500 m², in which concerts also take place and plays are occasionally performed during the school holidays. There is also a branch office of the registry office.

In 2010, Cave Lighting made its first contact with the management of the Baumans cave show cave, thanks to the Harz cave researchers. In the same year, the first lighting tests were carried out in the show cave and an installation was even implemented in the crystal chamber of the neighboring Hermanns cave.

After about 6 years and two lighting tests, there was a change in the management of the show cave.

With the new management team, Mr. Schult and Mende, we visited the Dechen cave in 2016 and examined the system installed by Cave Lighting. This tour was very helpful, as the Baumanns cave managers were able to exchange ideas with the managing director of Dechen cave, Stefan Niggemann, and discovered completely new perspectives in the show cave business.

The actual installation of the new system began in August 2020, the execution takes 2.5 months and has been completed since the end of October. The project was realized by Cave Lighting, in cooperation with the local electrical company Jagusch Elektro. 5 of our specialists transformed the old show cave into a new underground experience. According to the operations manager, Thomas Schult, the show cave is no longer recognized by visitors, the artistic lighting design and intelligent lighting control have changed the cave landscape and are being explored anew.

Under the direction of Adrian Kondacs, the Cave Lighting Team has succeeded in setting new standards for lighting in underground objects and creating a tremendous natural ambience.

Starting on November 1st, 2020, cave enthusiasts will take a guided tour to discover the technically improved Baumann Cave piece by piece (Closed due to Covid-19 measures) and be inspired by speleological themes and 3D images.

Baumann cave project information

The Cave Lighting Team is particularly pleased with the very successful staging of the light and music shows in the Goethe hall of the cave. In less than 2 minutes, the visitor experiences an incredible display of the power of nature combined with outstanding light and music. As of now, this show can also be admired by regular visitors as part of a guided tour.

The key figures of the project:

Have been installed

• 369x 3-Watt lamps of type CL-LSQ2
• 29x 12-Watt lights of type CL-LQP2
• 188x 1-Watt lights of the type CL-LMT
• 14x controllers of the type CL-CN2
• 11x button controller with RFID initialization
• 8500 meters from the cable
• 3250 meters from the protective pipe

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