Grotte de Han (Belgien). Der 2 Teil des großen Projekts ist abgeschlossen.

Grotte de Han (Belgien)

Position: 50 7′17″N,5 11′47″O
Accessibility for visitors: 800m (total length approx. 3,000m)
Open since: 1857
Refurbishment: January 2016 – April 2016
Illumination: 370 lamps
Place: Cave of Han-sur-Lesse, Ardennes, Belgium

The second part of the big project has been completed

A hundred-year-old tram takes you to the entrance of one of the most beautiful show caves in Europe. Thanks to the new lighting, the chambers seem to be even more impressive. The beauty of the dripstones and the immense chambers which have been formed by the river Lesse that flows through the cave make the Cave of Han unique in its dimensions.

Last year the Cave Lighting team succeeded in developing the first 400m of the show cave. So that by the end of April 2016, not only had the entire footpath lighting set-up been extended an additional 800m, but the effect lighting under the direction of Guy Evrad was also installed, adding another dimension to the experience.

The lighting installation of 2015 was supplemented by other spectacular special  effects, including a fascinating light and music show with dimmable light variations in the “Vigneron” chamber, thanks to Adrian Kondacs,’ Brigitte Malou and Eva Kriwko.The exhibit  has already impressed all our first visitors with its elaborate special effects.

After the initial upgrade of the footpath, we will next be dealing with the illumination of the cave up to Trophee. By season opening, we expect to be featuring a new lighting effect and we will have reached a length of at least 1.5 km (out of a total of 3km),

Of course our customers requirements needed to be considered from the very beginning of the planning stages and especially with the design of the control system and in the overall concept of illumination as well. In order to accomplish these difficult issues, all control elements needed to be perfectly coordinated. As we expected the success of our installation is immediately evident from the moment a guest enters the cave.  So much so that even experienced cave guides are impressed by the beauty, efficiency and user-friendliness of our new systems.

Due to LED technology, specific points can be highlighted. In the past, cave sections only had enough illumination to guide visitors through the property. Most of the old lights glared so brightly that they prevented visitors from enjoying the details and the beauty of the cave. Now using modern materials and methods we are able to play with light and colour with spectacular results. Things that were never visible with the old systems are now highlighted in elaborate detail.  The futuristic colour play in the “Vigneron” chamber and the dynamic lighting scenario in the “Reef Fossils” gallery will certainly increase the number of visitors eager to get a look at the new effects. In fact the number of paying visitors has already gone up considerably. By the time the first part of the upcoming three km. section is ready with its led fixtures in place glowing beautifully, the most spectacular underground attraction in Belgium  will be hosting even more visitors than ever before.

We are happy to report that Cave Lighting specialist Oliver Heil who was injured when he slipped on an unprotected floor  while inspecting an installation  in the Cave of Han, is healing just fine. We are confident he’ll be back with us soon to continue the outstanding work he so well known for. The whole Cave Lighting team is grateful for all his excellent efforts in the past and hopes he’ll be back with us soon.                                                                

That unfortunate incident only serves to draw the attention of all responsible underground attraction operators to the dangers of not providing adequate slip resistance  to floors and stairways.

Written by Oliver Heil/Anna Toplak

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