Sturmanns Cave in the Allgäu: Perfect Lighting sets Accents

Sturmanns Cave in the Allgäu: Perfect Lighting sets Accents

From October to December 2017 the lighting system of Sturmanns Cave near Obermaiselstein was completely renewed by Cave Lighting. Where once obsolete and simple spotlights provided light, today perfectly adapted LEDs set their own, extraordinary accents. The hibernating bats are not bothered in the least by the new lighting system, and furthermore the system uses around 95% less electricity.

Sturmanns Cave, the little gem in the Allgäu, was reopened on 26th December 2017 and since then, it has been shining in new splendor. The refurbishment of the lighting system became possible through the Interreg-project “Bewegende Natur” of the Natural Park Nagelfluhkette, for which the attractiveness for tourists is supposed to be improved. About half of the funds made available for this purpose could be used for the refurbishment of the famous cave, explained Rolf Eberhardt, the Natural Parkmanager. “With an absolute top funding of 90 per cent”. Even the Bavarian Ministery of the Environment is holding shares amounting to 15 per cent, which demonstrates the high significance of the project – not least because the important refuge for hibernating bats can be preserved despite the important refurbishment, which cave visitorswill also be able to benefit from.

The obsolete cave illumination was not really a showpiece for the town of Obermaiselstein, Mayor Peter Stehle explains. Electric cables provisionally routed through plastic pipesandnaked bulbs on the walls and ceilings did not really allow the cave to shine.Onlythe new illumination system installed by Cave Lightingensured the proper lighting for the 470m long fissure cave. “The numerous details of this specific cave are now much better accentuated”, the mayor says.

Project Manager Oliver Heil and his team installed about 250 LEDs (LQP, LSQ and LMT series). With regard to the extreme floodings within the cave during the thaw, great importance was attached to an absolute water-resistant lighting system. Not only do the LEDs illuminate the narrow path running through the cave, theyalso create a special light for specific sections of the cave. Audio guides are available to bring the cave to life, telling the amazing story of its formation. At specific points, the tour guide uses remote-controlled visual effects, creating a memorable experience for everyone. At the so called “Adlerschacht” the visitors will be informed via a multimedia system (by CL) about the history of the cave opening since 1906.

After crossing a 70m deep shaft, the visitors finally get to the cave river at the end of the path, thus reaching the activelevel of the cave. Here they can experience another highlight -the cave lakewhich is illuminated by Cave Lighting DMX color lamps. Even in case of a power failure, visitors’ safetyisensuredat any time: the emergency lighting lasts fortwo hours. Furthermore, the new lighting system uses 5% less energy than the old system and it creates a cool white light that simulates natural daylight and emphasizes the dramatic beauty of the cave.

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