The trade magazine LED Professional

The trade magazine LED Professional

At last !

The trade magazine LED Professional has disclosed the secrets of Cave Lighting’s underground world. Here you will find everything you would like to know about Cave Lighting.

LED Professional became aware of our company because we are one of the few manufacturers of intelligent lighting solutions for underground projects. They were interested in finding out how Cave Lighting came up with the idea of developing new LED illumination for underground applications. Up until now, Cave Lighting has been the market leader of robust LED lighting systems which are suitable for use under extreme natural conditions. The editors of LED Professional also paid particular attention to the technical equipment of the entire Cave Lighting LED illumination system. Now the question arises why the Cave Lighting system is so unique.

LED Professional answers this question as follows:

  • Stainless steel caseProtective factor IP-68 (waterproof and corrosion-resistant)
  • Aesthetics and efficiency in harmony
  • Environmentally-friendly (low heat dissipation)
  • Robust and invisible
  • Intelligent light control

Written by  Anna Toplak

(Marketing / Sales)


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