We are in a magazine! – in the “be top” by Rittal

We are in a magazine! – in the “be top” by Rittal

“Leading light” by Susanne Theisen is about Cave Lightings work specifically with control cabinets from Rittal.

The article is an interview with Alexander Chrapko and how he has transformed his passion for caving to his job. He also explained how the Cave Lighting Team operates on projects, takes inventory and works out the technical Aspects. Elaborating which Aspects have to be considered and how to work ecologically friendly. The most important rule is to hide the technology from the audience because they should concentrate on the experiencing the nature and not the installations. The biggest obstacles are the extreme conditions that vary from cave to cave, i.e. humidity and/or flooding.

The technology has to be preserved from these conditions as well as from a variety of rodents. That’s why Cave Lighting uses the high quality and robust Rittal control cabinets. Cave Lighting has their self-developed System that helps to equip each show cave eco-friendly and in a unique way. The control technology is located in an AE series stainless steel cabinet. The quality fits Cave Lightings standards and the cabinets can easily and fast be put together. The power supply for the system comes from the business Phoenix Contact. Because of the new illumination the different show caves receive more publicity and positive feedback on social media.

Cave Lighting has been working with the Rittal control cabinets for about 5 years now and is very pleased with the results.

Theisen, Susanne (2018): “Leading Light”. In: Be top. Das Magazin der Friedhelm Loh Group: „The best can be even better “. S.60 – 63.

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