The 57th ANECAT Congress

The 57th ANECAT Congress

The 57th ANECAT Congress will be hosted by the Cave Aven Armand and take place from October 3rd to 5th.

ANECAT is the French National Association of Show Caves (Association Nationale des Exploitants de Cavernes Amenagées pour le Tourisme). It is a union of over 100 natural underground openings. The French are the first in underground tourism because of the almost 6 million visitor per year. ANECAT includes almost 80% of France’s caves, sinkholes and underground rivers out of which 25% are prehistoric sites. The diversity makes this underground heritage an eco-museum.

Aven Armand is a limestone cave located in the Cévennes National Park in France. It is known for its great hall with over 400 stalagmites that partially look like palm trees and can reach up to 30 meters.

A part of the Cave Lighting Team will be attending the Congress!
We are excited for an interesting time and conversations with show cave owners and managers from France!

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