Innovative, energy-saving and forward-looking
lighting on the highest level!

Why Cave Lighting?

Lots of caves look like this:

Low quality lighting:
The cave looks like a badly lit basement.

General condition: lamp flora, mold on the walls, garbage

Technical condition (walkway, lighting): rusty, slippery walkways, broken steps, obsolete lamps, cables lie visible next to the paths

Bad touristic terms: boring and not interesting

Neglected maintenance and care: The owner’s policy is: as much profit as possible, which results in excessive demands and a bad ecological condition.

We want to change that. That’s why we are/do:

A consulting firm: We consult our customers on how to act environmentally conscious, customer-oriented and lucrative. We also offer consultations for any owner/ manager of an underground landmark.

A global company: There are hundreds of examples of our equipment worldwide.

Restoration: Programming of light scenes; by request, we offer the installation of an individual light design and a music show.

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