Consulting, analysis and marketing concept ...
We bring suggestions and recommendations
to improve and optimize your object

We bring suggestions and recommendations to improve and optimize your Object

Even though our main field of work is the development and installation of robust and energy-efficient lighting systems for underground objects, we also provide on request comprehensive services such as consulting and financial / management analysis.We cantherefore implement individual solutions for your project. Our excellently trained and professionalpersonnel will gladly advise you and together we will find future-oriented problem solutions.

Your advantages at aglance:



Cave Lighting analyses the current status of the show cave or the exhibition mine, shining a light on all relevant data of the object in question from various angles. The focus is on topics such as nature conversation, environment and economic efficiency.









Cave Lighting collects solutions to improve the management concept, also from the marketing point of view.
Cave Lighting is looking for suitable solutions to increase visitor numbers, turningyour project into an individual and extraordinary tourist attraction.

✔ Course of the excursions

✔ Public relations

✔ Highlighting the object’s potential

✔ Pricing policy (parking, entrance tickets)


Cave Lighting draws up proposals to optimize your lighting system. All lighting options for your tourist attraction will be listed: Improvement or replacement of existing lighting system, advice on innovative lighting solutions, taking into account your budget and natural conditions.

1. Exchange of the whole lighting system
2. Exchange of individual lights
3. Innovations: Lightshow
4. Innovations: 3D Laser, video mapping

Cave Lighting helps to find suitable and individual measures to remove damages caused by rodents or possible lampflora.

✔ Heat output
✔ Zone lighting




Cave Lighting puts together a design brief for the application offinancial assistance which includes a list of all the arguments as to why investments should be made in your project as a show cave or an exhibition mine.

✔ Documents creation
✔ Preparation of tender


Cave Lighting sets up a financial plan for your show cave as well as a successful savings strategy.

✔ Analysis of the actual state of the show cave
✔ Comparison of energy consumption
✔ Proposals of measures for cost reductions
✔ Document creation

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