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Lighting and effect concepts from Cave Lighting

Project Baumanns Cave

According to a fictitious legend, the cave was discovered around 1536 by the miner Friedrich Baumann, to which the name of the cave is said to lead back. You can visit the Baumanns cave since the 16th century, one of the most famous visitors is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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Coming soon - International show cave meeting and workshop by Cave Lighting

As every 4 years, we at Cave Lighting have something very special for you again, this time in cooperation with the Dachstein Giant Ice Cave, we are offering you a 3-day workshop on the topic of "Holistic Tourism Concept" in October 2021.

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Show cave Natural Bridge Caverns

In spring 2016, a first tour of the show cave in Texas took place. After at least 5 lighting tests and very constructive discussions about LED lighting, color temperatures of the light and technical requirements of the new installation, the Cave Lighting team created a first concept for the new lighting in the Discovery Passage.

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Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

In order to be able to provide you with even better information, be it the beauty of one of our projects or a new innovation that we are working with that we are introducing to you, we have launched our Facebook page and our Instagram page.

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Innovation - RFID controller from Cave Lighting

Light switching for guided tours through show caves using RFID cards / chips
After an extensive development phase, we are proud to present our latest innovation - the CL-RFID module

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Greifenstein Castle Project (2019)

Greifenstein Castle – Landmark of the Lahn-Dill Region – Illuminated Again. Inspired by the “Herbstlabyrinth” Cave in Breitscheid, and, in particular, by the effect of light – the “Greifenstein-Verein”, a registered association, tasked the company CaveLighting with the replacement of Greifenstein Castle’s exterior lighting a year ago.

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Gleißinger Fels Project BW (2019)

Mining near Fichtelberg began around 1478, when Elector Phillip granted the masters of Hirschberg the permission to extract all of the metals that were to be found. This and the rumours of gold and silver deposits encouraged mining activity around today’s Fichtelberg.

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“Coves de Sant Josep” Project (2018/2019)

The Caves of San José or Saint Joseph’s Caves (in Valencia: “Coves de Sant Josep”), which are located in the nature reserve of the same name, are a system of natural caves situated in the municipality of La Vall de Uixó (Castellón) in Spain.

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Cave Lighting projects in France

This year, the Cave Lighting team has completed two projects in France. Further details on the projects in the Caves "Cornadore" and "Aven Marzal" can be read in the following.

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Report by Greg Middleton about CaveLighting in the australian magazine "ACKMA"

When I heard that the German firm, Cave Lighting GmbH, was going to host a cave lighting expo or workshop at Grottes de Han in Belgium, I thought it would be interesting to attend. Belgium, however, seemed a long way to go for a three day event. When I mentioned to an old colleague, Prof. Stephan Kempe, that I was having trouble justifying the trip, he invited me on a tour of caves in northern Germany beforehand. 

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Everything you need to know about LAMPENFLORA - Special Report

As long as there are artificially illuminated show caves, there will always be the so-called lampenflora, also known as lamp flora. Though the undesirable growth of algae, mosses and ferns in illuminated areas can be reduced to some extent with modern LED technology, precise alignment of the luminaires, available switch options and illumination time adjustment etc., a comprehensive solution to the problem has not been found yet.

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State Bat Conservation Group [Staatlicher Fledermausschutz] and Cave Lighting Work Hand in Hand

After having equipped the show cave areas of the Limestone Cave [Kalksteinhöhle] in Bad Segeberg, the Teufelshöhle in Steinau an d. Str. and  the Sturmannshöhle in the Allgäu - all of which serving as  important roosting sites for bats – with modern LED light, Cave Lighting continue their close cooperation with the state bat conservation group in their latest project: the Heimkehle in the biosphere reserve South Harz Mountains [Südharz].

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The 57th ANECAT Congress

The 57th ANECAT Congress will be hosted by the Cave Aven Armand and take place from October 3rd to 5th.

ANECAT is the French National Association of Show Caves (Association Nationale des Exploitants de Cavernes Amenagées pour le Tourisme). A part of the Cave Lighting Team will be attending the Congress!

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We are in a magazine! – in the “be top” by Rittal

“Leading light” by Susanne Theisen is about Cave Lightings work specifically with control cabinets from Rittal.

The article is an interview with Alexander Chrapko and how he has transformed his passion for caving to his job. He also explained how the Cave Lighting Team operates on projects, takes inventory and works out the technical Aspects.

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The 53rd Annual National Caves Association Convention in Glenwood Caverns

The NCA is holding this year’s convention in Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado from September 24th to 28th 2018.

The convention will mainly take place at the Hotel Colorado.

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The International Show Caves Association - ISCA is inviting everyone to join them in Frasassi – Genga / Fabriano, Marche Region, Italy for their 8th Congress from 12th October to 18th October.

The theme of the congress is “Innovation in Show Cave Management”.

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Restorations in the cave “Heimkehle” in Uftrungen (Germany)

Since 6th August the Cave Lighting™ team has been replacing the lighting in Germany’s largest gypsum karst cave “Heimkehle” with a new, innovative, more sustainable LED-System.

The two people working there right now are Oliver Heil and Christian Nitulescu. They are installing cold luminaries which do not support flora growth. They not only protect the cave environment, but also the fauna inside it.

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Les Grottes de Remouchamps

La Grotte de Remouchamps est visitée par les touristes depuis 1828.
Les torches résineuses qu'employaient à l'époque les premiers visiteurs ne devaient toutefois leur donner qu'une impression bien vague de ce que l'on peut voir maintenant grâce à la magnificence de l'éclairage actuel.
La sensation de mystère devait alors l'emporter de loin sur la vision des beautés souterraines..

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"Origin", a stunning new sound and light show in the heart of the Cave

Now that we’ve put the finishing touches to the cave lighting, the Cave’s natural beauty has been sublimated, revealing chambers each more awe-inspiring than the last, and unveiling spectacular concretions that are ever more entrancing...

But this summer, the Cave has another fabulous surprise in store for you! From the 1st of July onwards, the classic tour to the Cave will be enhanced by a thrilling, brand-new sound and light show, using state-of-the art video-mapping and laser technology to make the Cave’s eventful history come to life.

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LED lighting in caves

LEDs have already become a very common alternative for modern illumination in so many cases. So far they proved to be the most efficient lighting method for even the darkest places such as caves, underground fortifications, etc.

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Sturmanns Cave in the Allgäu: Perfect Lighting sets Accents

From October to December 2017 the lighting system of Sturmanns Cave near Obermaiselstein was completely renewed by Cave Lighting. Where once obsolete and simple spotlights provided light, today perfectly adapted LEDs set their own, extraordinary accents. The hibernating bats are not bothered in the least by the new lighting system, and furthermore the system uses around 95% less electricity.

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Light & Building 18.-23.03.2018 in Frankfurt am Main

We started the countdown. The biggest “Light & Building” exhibition in the world will take place in Frankfurt am Main in just two months’ time. As our customer, we invite you to visit us at our Stand J21 in the Hall 4.1.


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Start to the Year 2018 with New Innovations

So far, more than 100 show cave projects have been completed by Cave Lighting CL and thusexperts know CL primarily as a service company for underground applications.

However, the Cave Lighting team has now demonstrated its expertise in two innovative projects above ground as well.



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Report Workshop Caves of Han 16 -18 November 2017

Many thanks to all participants of the workshop in Han sur Lesse which took place from 16 to 18 November 2017. 70 managers, show cave operators and technicians from nearly 15 countries attended the workshop. The meeting wasceremoniously opened by the Cave Lighting organization team and by the Domain of the Caves of Han (Domaine des Grottes de Han). Brigitte Malou (General Manager of the Domain of the Caves of Han) welcomed the guests and explained the aims of the workshop as well as program and schedule.


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Invitation to the Workshop Caves of Han–A Novel Presentation of Spectacular Light Effects (Belgium)

Dear friends of the underground world,

A three-day conference program offered by Cave Lighting and the Domain of the Caves of Han [Domaine des Grottes de Han] provides a unique opportunity to become informed about the current developments about light and underground lighting. Our experts will give you a descriptive explanation on the new era of cave illumination.

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The Underground Work of a Dream Team

The trade magazine “Gebäudetechnik und Handwerk“ has taken notice of the cooperation of the companies Rittal and Cave Lighting. The editorial office characterized the project “Kluterthöhle” and the joint effort of Cave Lighting and Rittal as “The Underground Work of a Dream Team” [Dream Team für Untertage]. The harmonious technology of the partner companies delivers incredible results: The beauty of the cave is skillfully displayed, the sustainability of the show cave operation is ensured and the attractiveness of the show cave has been increased.

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Two Further Show Caves in the Swabian Alb Equipped with New CaveLighting LED System

Two further show caves of the Swabian Alb have been equipped with Cave Lighting LED technology:
The “WimsenerHöhle” [Wimsen Cave] near Hayingen is the only show cave in Germany accessible by boat – you are taken about 80 meters deep into the interior of the water cave. The cave is now basking in a new and particularly impressive LED-lit ambience: specialist lighting was installed at more than 40 places, mostly underwater, which opens up completely new insights into this unique show cave.
A new era has also dawned for the Schertelshöhle [Schertel´s Cave] in the Alb-Donube district on the alb [Laichinger Alb] near Westerheim: Visitors are welcome to marvel at the beauty of this cave which is basking in a new light.
Both projects show that ecological and economic operation of a show cave are not necessarily a contradiction. Due to Cave Lighting LED technology, both show caves are looking to a sustainable and successful future!

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Invitation to the Workshop

What is it that makes an LED lighting system in a show cave unique? Which technical aspects have to be taken into account? Which positive effects does modern LED technology bring for visitors, operators, investors and for the show cave? Why do  investments in future-oriented technologies pay off, regarding both the economic and the ecological operation of a show cave?

We are thoroughly exploring these and many other fascinating questions in the lecture block specified on the program below. Later you will have the chance to form your own opinion during a visit to Belgium’s show caves.

We have collected all the information about the workshop in 3 languages: English, German und French.

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Workshop: Grotte de Han – New Dramatic Effect of the Light

Workshop: Grotte de Han – New Dramatic Effect of the Light in Han-sur-Lesse (Belgium) from 16 to 18 November 2017 We have collected all the information about the workshop in 3 languages: English, German and French. One in every four years Cave Lighting organizes informative events in different show caves in Europe. We last met in Switzerland in March 2013, where the specialist audience had the opportunity to visit the Höllgrotten Caves near Baar (Canton of Zug) and to inspect the electrical installation and the lighting system.
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LED Professional

At last ! The trade magazine LED Professional has disclosed the secrets of Cave Lighting’s underground world. Here you will find everything you would like to know about Cave Lighting. LED Professional became aware of our company because we are one of the few manufacturers of intelligent lighting solutions for underground projects. They were interested in finding out how Cave Lighting came up with the idea of developing new LED illumination for underground applications.

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Klutert cave / Kluterthöhle Step 2. New lighting system in Therapy area.

After large parts of the cave had been cleaned and after the so called lampenflora had been removed, the owner, in collaboration with speleologists, decided to replace the illumination system by modern LEDs. The aim was to ensure show cave operation on a permanent basis and to simultaneously highlight the beauties of the show cave, thus making it more attractive for visitors.

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The Cave Lighting™ new product catalog.

At last! We are proud to present our new product and services catalog. Cave Lighting™ has completely revised and refreshed its previous catalog. We are still a one-stop shop and have accordingly represented our services more clearly, so that you can see our full range of products and services at a glance.

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Grotte de Han (Belgium). The second part of the big project has been completed

Due to LED technology, specific points can be highlighted. In the past, cave sections only had enough illumination to guide visitors through the property. Most of the old lights glared so brightly that they prevented visitors from enjoying the details and the beauty of the cave. Now using modern materials and methods we are able to play with light and colour with spectacular results. Things that were never visible with the old systems are now highlighted in elaborate detail.

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Idar-Oberstein Gemstone Mine (Steinkaulenberg) 2016

The gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg are the only gemstone mines in Europe accessible to the public. You will see sparkling rock crystals, amethysts, smoky quartz, calcite. For that reason the operators, Edelsteinminen GmbH, in cooperation with the city of Idar-Oberstein, set themselves the target of improving the presentation of the show mines and saving them from destruction in the long run. This could be realized by completely replacing the traditional illumination through an LED lighting system produced and installed by Cave Lighting™.

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Cayman Crystal Caves 2016

Cayman Crystal Caves on Grand Cayman Island. First video about caves and location on Cayman Island.

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