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Everything you need to know about LAMPENFLORA - Special Report

As long as there are artificially illuminated show caves, there will always be the so-called lampenflora, also known as lamp flora. Though the undesirable growth of algae, mosses and ferns in illuminated areas can be reduced to some extent with modern LED technology, precise alignment of the luminaires, available switch options and illumination time adjustment etc., a comprehensive solution to the problem has not been found yet.

At first, research focused on manual or chemical removal of lampenflora. Later, it focused on finding out which wavelengths are required for photosynthesis. Today, a show cave is regarded as an overall habitat (biotope) in need of protection.

Ultimately, there are hardly any LEDs available on the market which completely avoid the growth of lampenflora. As soon as artificial light enters an originally completely dark and rather nutrient-poor habitat, the environmental conditions within the cave change and lampenflora begins to grow in illuminated areas.

We have profoundly dealt with the topic of "lamp flora" and summarized our results from the definition of the development to the possibilities for their reduction and measures for avoidance.

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