The Underground Work of a Dream Team

The trade magazine “Gebäudetechnik und Handwerk“ has taken notice of the cooperation of the companies Rittal and Cave Lighting. The editorial office characterized the project “Kluterthöhle” and the joint effort of Cave Lighting and Rittal as “The Underground Work of a Dream Team” [Dream Team für Untertage]. The harmonious technology of the partner companies delivers incredible results: The beauty of the cave is skillfully displayed, the sustainability of the show cave operation is ensured and the attractiveness of the show cave has been increased.

The following topics are discussed in the article:

  1. Robustness and stability of the stainless steel enclosures by Rittal
  2. Technical features of the LED lighting system by Cave Lighting
  3. Focal point: energy efficiency
  4. Aesthetic impact of light on the visitors
  5. LED light and nature protection

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