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for modern lighting concepts!

Consultation for your Project

Advice, planning, implementation

Each attraction is unique and is being treated like this. Our company has a wide range of LED-lamps that are adjustable in price and design, if the customer wishes to.

Our specialists draft and install control and lighting systems, stage music and DMX shows, integrate control systems and enable individual light shows (if the customer wishes to). Because of the usage of DMX-control we are able to create customer oriented synchronized, colored light shows. The light can be dimmed and the color changed.

An exclusive proposition our company makes is the installation of walkways and viewing platforms made out of FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic), which has a lot of benefits for underground and outdoor objects, in example, the replacement of rusty old metal handrails through FRP, which is more pleasant to touch and the integration of our “Impervius” bar lights that will light the walkway (for safety).

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