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LED light for show caves - innovative light system for your cave

LED lighting for show caves

Energy efficiency
The light diode technology creates not only a special atmosphere, but consumes less current than traditional lights. LED-lamps use about 20 percent of the originally needed energy. In example, the Bärenhöhle (bear cave) in Sonnenbühl, Germany is going to save up to 19,000 kilowatt-hours current per year.

Nature conservation
It is very recommendable to install LEDs in show caves because of their UV- and IR-free rays. The dripstones in caves are not going to be impaired.

Heat abstraction
In contrast to traditional lamps, modern LED-light does not give off warmth. This criterion is also very important for flora growth in caves, which will not impair the dripstones.

Water resistance
Some show caves have water bodies with cave fish in then. Our LED-lights have a protective coat so that they can be installed under water and do not harm the fish.

The LED is a miniaturized light source that is able to light precise details of dripstones. It also can serve for orientation in the cave or warn about sudden bendings.

The light diode technology (light design, acoustic media) creates a special atmosphere and is a fun experience for the visitors.

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