Innovative, energy-saving and forward-looking
lighting on the highest level!

Benefits: Work and Products

LED-lighting is becoming more present in our everyday life and traditional lighting is not as demanded as it was anymore. Since our CL-lamps appeared on the market, the usage of LEDs in different fields also expanded. Our intelligent and robust lamps provide one with an extensive range of colors, color combinations and palettes and high quality white light (cold, neutral, and warm).

A selection of angles of radiation for our LED-lamps allows to light very small, almost invisible objects. On the other hand, our lighting system is able to light a wide space. The development of LED-lighting opened lots of new creative possibilities for architects and designers to illuminate landscapes and architectural Outdoor-objects. The already mentioned color palette provides our customer with their individual lighting for the object.

Our energy-efficient technology makes your project very flexible, through the lamps’ long lifespan (70.000 hours) and the portable DMX-controller.

Cave Lighting CL goes by simple principles, concentrating on completing the customers, visitors and environments wishes and demands:

All in one: planning, lighting, realization and maintenance

Low installation frame: The LED-Lamps

Eco friendliness: eco-friendly materials (do not have a negative impact on their environment)

Easy and goal oriented installation: emphasis on the objects characteristics

Easy use: accessible, comprehensible documentation for an easy access to the lighting installation

Save lighting system: 5 years guarantee on products and service 

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