Modern lighting concepts

for architecture & outdoor

LED lighting for architecture & outdoor and other areas of application

Architecture Lighting

LED lighting can be installed individually at any conceivable location, even underwater lighting is possible. Our products have been specially developed for difficult environmental influences and have been in use for decades. The team from Cave Lighting looks at each object individually, advises you on the development of new lighting and focuses on the special features of the object.

Architectural lighting - architectural sights

The use of modern LED technology does not only result in intelligent energy savings. The choice of various lighting effects, especially when it comes to illuminating architectural sights (castles, palaces, monuments, ruins, churches, etc.), and the requirements for protecting cave and ground monuments, is astonishing and is carried out by us in a very sensitive and prudent manner. LED lighting for architecture sets accents and highlights the special features, and there is also sustainability. Thanks to our large product portfolio, we can use our lighting discreetly but effectively.

Outdoor Lighting

Garden lighting and outdoor lighting

Energy-saving lighting with modern LED technology is also possible in the garden area in order to stage it in style. With natural-looking LED light, you can set special accents in the dark, such as a striking light-dark contrast and thus give your garden a design note. Whether in the garden or in general in the outdoor area, we stage unique features.

LED lighting in agriculture

Not only do people need pleasant light, natural and day-like lighting conditions also increase well-being and performance in animals. With daylight sensors or a light management system, they can use their lighting efficiently and cost-effectively. Instead of outdoors, lighting is used here in stables that involve special circumstances, which is why LED technology is a maintenance-free and durable solution. Even if you plant vegetables, LED lighting can adequately replace sunlight, it can even be optimized and thus adapt to the needs of different plants.

Architecture Lighting


The installation of LED lighting in tunnels is the best solution for short maintenance intervals. Furthermore, the LEDs provide a homogeneous light without annoying glare and thus ensure safety and durability in the tunnel using the best available technology.

Petrol stations

Due to the extremely long service life, the use of LEDs in petrol station lighting leads to fewer light failures. Especially at petrol stations that are in operation at night, the use of LED lighting has great potential, especially if balanced and correct lighting is to be achieved.

Company buildings and industrial rooms (warehouses, sales halls)

With our modern LED technology, room lighting is significantly more efficient, the right LED lighting at the workplace opens up ways for healthier, more pleasant and more sustainable work and with the best light quality and maximum light output. Even large industrial halls can be charmingly staged with LED lights; in often windowless industrial buildings, the right lighting determines the ergonomic quality of the work. Because if you see well, you can work well.

Further areas of application

There are no limits to the applications of our lighting systems. We can implement an installation with a professional lighting concept anywhere, whether inside or outside, underground or underwater, regardless of the season. You can also highlight your boat or a beautiful landscape feature like a lighthouse.

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